Part 1 of Happiness, Beautiful Skin, Good Sex, Weight Loss, and Amazing Health.


Part 1: Adrenal, Liver & Gut Connection

This short video gives you a small taste of what you will get in my complete 5 week course to help you with Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Beautiful Skin, Good Sex, Weight Loss and Hormones.

The 5 week course has been internationally recognized and Board approved. It is very effective at addressing the root cause of your mood and health issues. You will use naturopathic medicine, eat the right foods and heal inflammation, leaky gut, toxicityadrenal fatigue and trauma - all key to your health. 

Course Introduction + Patient Testimonials

Easy to follow videos lay out all the steps for you to achieve greater health while saving money.


Exciting Videos with Easy, Practical Steps

You get herbal, supplement and nutritional protocols to heal the core systems of your health, beyond just leaky gut and inflammation.

You discover homeopathic remedies and powerful techniques to heal stressful emotions and trauma from your past so that you can be happy.

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You Save Over $1200 When You Buy Now for $155.00!!

Modules in Your Course

Each module will help you to stop guessing or chasing symptoms, and makes sure you understand what the best approach is for you.

I cover basic information as well as advanced protocols based on over 15 years of experience, so that you get better results quickly and save lots of money.

Use hypo-allergenic foods, probiotics, vitamin D, glutamine, Omega 3 oils and so much more to stop inflammation harming your body.

Detoxify your liver with foods, homeopathy, supplements and herbs to reduce hormonal & mood issues and chronic disease. 

Fix anxiety, depression, energy, mood and hormones with herbs, foods, supplements and trauma release.

Use energy psychology, homeopathy and Bach flower remedies to resolve emotional blocks, negative beliefs and stress from emotions stored in your cells.

Understand how to reduce medications using the therapies in the course. Must be done with medical supervision. 

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You Save Over $1200 When You Buy Now for $155.00!!

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