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Get the leading guide to Better Mental Health, Energy, Sleep, Weight and Sex... 

Heal Leaky Gut, Adrenal Fatigue, Toxins and Trauma

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Mental Health Depends On Body AND Mind

Depressed or anxious? Need sleep? Tired? Maybe also have PMS, weight or sex issues?

Want 5 simple steps for confidence, happiness, energy, enjoyable sex, easy menses and even weight loss?

5 steps to fix the physical and emotional causes of your issue, so you can be sure to feel better?

Then start your 5-step program today. It's professional enough to be certified as an educational course for dietitians & nutritionists in the US and naturopaths in Arizona & Ontario.

What's in the online program?

Using over 15 years experience in naturopathic medicine and psychotherapy, I have created easy-to-follow steps that help people like you overcome the root of your physical or emotional issue without being overwhelmed. 

Your program includes ready-to-use information on holistic therapies, foods and emotional healing techniques that helped me and over 2000 patients live amazing lives after recovering from anxiety, depression and chronic health issues.

Relish video 1 (intro), video 2 (theory), video 3 (testimonials) or Click to Enroll in the full course.


Video 2: Fix the Root Cause

Your issue could be from a combination of inflammation, emotional stress, leaky gut, adrenal fatigue and toxicity - all causes of anxiety, depression and other health issues.

I teach you how to deal with the root cause and resolve emotional pain so you don't waste your money on excessive supplements. Enroll


Video 3: Testimonials

People love this course because they get longer lasting results. They save money because they avoid excessive supplements. And they love their new knowledge in holistic medicine and emotional healing techniques. Enroll


This course is very complete and has even been approved by the Commission of Dietetic Registrants and various licensing authorities as a continuing education course for nutritionists, dietitians and NDs.

Mini Courses

Start to improve your health with smaller sections from the 5 Step Program. Easy to digest, Quick Results.

Heal Leaky Gut ($49)

Inflammation is the root cause of most illness. I teach you how to reduce inflammation by changing your foods and healing your gut. This helps conditions such as arthritis, IBS, asthma, anxiety, depression, weight gain, acne, eczema and hormonal issues. Enroll

Heal Your Liver ($55)

Your liver clears toxins, improves digestion and controls hormones, blood sugar, cholesterol, weight loss and immunity. I help you heal and detoxify your liver using special foods, herbs and supplements. This can help with digestive issues, fatigue, acne, weight gain, menstrual issues, fibroids, acne and other conditions. Enroll

Improve Adrenal Strength ($55)

Adrenal fatigue can be linked to anxiety, depression, fatigue, thyroid issues, weight gain, insomnia & low immunity. I show you how to improve adrenal strength by releasing emotional trauma and using special foods, herbs, supplements and homeopathic remedies. Enroll


Happiness & Confidence ($55)

Difficult experiences in your past affect your happiness, confidence, beliefs and self esteem. I teach you how to heal these experiences and achieve happiness and confidence quicker using trauma release, affirmations, belief changes as well as homeopathic remedies & Bach Flowers. Enroll


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Stress, anxiety, depression and low confidence stem from trauma, breakups, parental / ancestral issues and other events. I combine different psychotherapies such as gestalt, coaching, EMDR and Family constellations with naturopathic medicine to help you improve your self esteem, confidence, relationship skills, sense of peace and perspective.


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