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"Dr. Ameet gives simple steps to help you recover from anxiety, depression, stress and burnout, and with long-lasting results" - Dr. Hyla Cass MD


Happiness Program (Board Approved)

  • Heal leaky gut & inflammation
  • Reduce Toxicity & Heal Your Liver
  • Improve Adrenal Fatigue & Metabolism
  • Release Emotional Trauma & Negative Beliefs
  • Change Life Habits & Reduce Stress

Lose Weight in 21 Days with The Happiness Program

  • Reduce Cravings
  • Mobilize stuck fat
  • Reduce water retention
  • Burn more fat
  • Heal emotions that stick weight onto you


"I have been having issues with trauma, energy, weight gain, and insomnia. Slowly but surely, as i proceed through the course, things are improving. Forty some years of issues all being released and flushed from my system!" - Sunny G, Canada

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