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who has this method helped?

People with chronic health problems, including grief, anxiety, depression, PMS or hormonal issues.

People who felt tired all of the time and nothing they previously tried worked.

People with acne, eczema, digestive and weight issues. 

People with trauma who wanted simple steps for confidence, peace of mind and happiness. 

People who wanted simple steps without spending too much on supplements because they learnt how to heal the root cause.


"I have been having issues with trauma, energy, weight gain, and insomnia. Slowly but surely, as i proceed through the course, things are improving. Forty some years of issues all being released and flushed from my system!" - Sunny G, Canada


Most of your mind and health issues come from a poor diet, inflammation, toxins, stress and emotional pain. Based on over 15 years of clinical experience, I teach you how to fix these problems quickly and save money.

Step 1: Fix Inflammation

Inflammation comes from a food sensitivities, chemicals, a poor diet, toxins and medicines which damage your gut, body and immunity.

When your gut is damaged (leaky gut), toxins leak into your blood and cause inflammation in your body. This leads to health, skin, weight, mood, hormonal and digestive issues

My program helps you treat inflammation by removing certain foods from your diet, healing your gut with special supplements and releasing emotions that cause stress in your body. This is step 1 to improve your health.

Step 2: Remove Your Toxins

Toxins interfere with every cell in your body and cause many mood, health, weight, hormonal, adrenal and thyroid issues. 

To detoxify well, you must strengthen  organs of detoxification like your liver and kidneys. 

My program covers some of the best nutritional supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies and acupuncture points that strengthen your liver and speed up detoxification.

You recover faster from anxiety, depression, weight, health, hormonal, skin and digestive issues when you use natural remedies in the right way. 

Step 3: Release Stress & Emotional Pain

Stress and trauma create physical and emotional changes in your nervous system.

Unresolved stress goes on to affect your muscles, thyroid, adrenal glands, immunity and brain, leading to health and mood issues, including anxiety, depression and fatigue. 

Without resolving stress or childhood issues, your health can't fully recover, even if you spend money on fixing inflammation and toxicity. 


Step 4: Strengthen Your Metabolism

After chronic stress, your nervous system and adrenal glands get worn out. Even after releasing releasing emotional pain, you still need to rebuild your nervous system to be healthy. 

My course teaches you what are the best herbs and supplements to rebuild your nervous system and adrenal glands. This ensures a healthier metabolism, better mood, faster weight loss, more energy and improved hormones.  


With my program, you learn to resolve stress and trauma, fix inflammation AND detoxify at the same time. This is why more people recover with my program and why it is even approved as a professional course for naturopathic doctors, nutritionists and dietitians. (Check Out The Bonus Lessons Below)


All improvement starts with the first step

Over 1200 people have improved their mood, skin, digestion, hormones, weight and overall health and have saved thousands of dollars using this method.

Bonus Material

Homeopathic remedies for anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, burnout and grief. Identifying different traumas in a person's life and healing them sequentially with different homeopathic remedies. Bach flower remedies for different emotional states. Bach flower worksheet to identify the best remedies a person needs based on individual symptoms. ($320 VALUE)

Bonus Material

Identifying which brain chemicals are low based on unique symptoms. Learn to use amino acids, herbs, supplements and homeopathic remedies to correct brain chemical imbalances. ($180 VALUE)

Bonus Material

Weight loss and emotions, recovering from breakups, using family constellations therapy to heal trauma from previous generations. ($120 VALUE)

Bonus Material

Medications used for anxiety and depression, their common side effects and nutrient depletions. Protocols to help reduce psychiatric medication and their withdrawal effects safely and effectively using homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements and herbal remedies. ($180 VALUE)



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