Integrated Treatment of Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Approved by CDR and various ND Boards for CPEU and CE credits.


If you're an ND, nutritionist, dietitian or any therapist, gaining emotional trust is necessary to attract and retain patients. 

If you want to work with patients emotionally and gain their trust, this online course will help you connect and work well with your patients. (Read your module details below)

Approved for 5.5 hours, including 1 pharmacology hour, watch your course videos at your own pace and get certified. NDs please check with your state / provincial association to confirm approval. 

Some Approving Authorities of The Course

About The Course Instructor

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal ND was named by the NDDC as one of the top 43 NDs to follow in 2016 for his community work and over 12 years of teaching integrated approaches to on mental health around the world. He was also voted top 5 speakers on 3 health summits. 

He is the author of "Heal Your Body, Cure Your Mind - An integrated approach to emotional wellbeing," which has helped 1000s of people with emotional issues. He also started charity mobile clinics in Kenya, where he had the chance to supervise many NDs and students who volunteered with him. 

His recovery from anxiety, depression, OCD, suicide thoughts and side effects of drug use with the help of nutrition, homeopathy and psychotherapy led him to create this powerful, all inclusive online course.

Learning Objectives + Modules

This easy to watch video course teaches you how to help people with trauma, negative beliefs, inflammation, cortisol imbalance, leaky gut, liver toxicity, adrenal + thyroid issues and brain chemical imbalance using naturopathic medicine and detailed energy psychotherapy techniques.

Module 1: Understand different root causes of emotional issues, anxiety, stress, depression and trauma. ($50 VALUE)

Module 2: Protocols to fix leaky gut, inflammation + cortisol imbalance. Low inflammatory and low allergenic diet. Connections of leaky gut to mental health and neurotransmitter imbalance. ($50 VALUE)

Module 3: Liver's role in anxiety and depression. Importance of bile flow. Supplements, diet, herbs + homeopathic remedies to improve liver health. Liver and thyroid interconnection. ($50 VALUE)

Module 4: Adrenal glands + mental health. Herbs, supplements, homeopathic remedies and lifestyle techniques to fix your adrenals. Trauma's connection to subconscious fight or flight stress on the adrenal glands, and releasing such trauma. ($120 VALUE)

Module 5: Neurotransmitters and identifying which neurotransmitters are low based on unique symptoms. Amino acids, herbs, supplements and homeopathic remedies to correct specific neurotransmitters. ($80 VALUE)

Module 6: Homeopathic remedies for anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, burnout and grief. Identifying different traumas in a person's life and healing them sequentially with different homeopathic remedies. Bach flower remedies for different emotional states. Bach flower worksheet to identify the best remedies a person needs based on individual symptoms. ($120 VALUE)

Module 7: Medications used for anxiety and depression, their common side effects and nutrient depletions. Protocols to help reduce psychiatric medication and their withdrawal effects safely and effectively using homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements and herbal remedies. ($80 VALUE)

Module 8: Energy psychotherapy techniques to release trauma, rebalance emotional resilience, correct belief systems, restore adrenal gland harmony + regain emotional clarity and confidence. Includes EFT, pranayama, meditation, storyline remodeling, cathartic journaling and more techniques to help patients move out of anxiety and depression while working on their core issues. ($220 VALUE)

Miscellaneous videos: Interviews on family constellations therapy, liver healing therapies, emotional healing therapies. ($200 VALUE)


Medical Disclaimer

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