5 Systems to Optimal Health - Complete Course Package

This course is based on over 10 years of experience with over 1000 patients. I have used these techniques with UNICEF, UN aid workers and even survivors of rape, abuse, terrorist attacks, breakups, divorces. Even Naturopathic Doctors are taking this course to help their patients better. In fact, this course has been approved for one of the highest categories in continuing education credits because it is medically, scientifically and holistically comprehensive. You are in professional hands


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  1. The links between mood, emotional memory, sleep, leaky gut, inflammation, digestive health, adrenal fatigue, liver, thyroid and brain health
  2. How to use the right supplements, herbs and homeopathic remedies instead of chasing symptoms with too many supplements.  
  3. Food-Mood Charts so you can track what foods are affecting your mood
  4. Low Allergy Food Ideas so it's easy to eat healthy  
  5. How to effectively release negative emotional memory and stress and overcoming limiting beliefs so you feel good and create better relationships with people  
  6. Exclusive online group sessions and practitioner supervision session offers are available when you get this course.
  7. Using powerful energy psychology techniques, you can also heal your past, empower yourself and let go of sabotaging thoughts, behaviours and beliefs that keep you stuck. 

Having all the necessary information in one place means you save $1000s of dollars you would have spent on travel, multiple seminars and psychotherapy sessions. 


 Course Outline 

Module 1

  • What affects your mood, both physical and emotional causes
  • Importance of healing your emotions as well as your body physically for long-term emotional wellbeing

Module 2

  • How your mood is affected by your digestive system, the foods you eat and inflammation
  • Connection between leaky gut, serotonin, cortisol, inflammation, affects on the adrenal system, and affects on brain chemicals and mood
  • Supplements and nutrition to heal your digestive system

Module 3

  • What your liver does and signs of liver imbalance
  • Links between liver issues, toxicity, digestion, constipation, leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, and mood
  • Connection of your liver to hormones and Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  • How your liver and thyroid affect each other and their connection to mood and health.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine connection between liver, anxiety and depression
  • Foods, nutrition, lifestyle techniques and methods to heal your liver and detoxify well

Module 4 + 5

  • Your adrenal glands and their connection to brain chemicals and mood
  • Effects of stress, trauma and emotional memory on your brain + adrenal glands
  • How adrenal burnout affects cortisol, hormones, anxiety, depression + insomnia
  • Effects of cortisol on thyroid hormones, serotonin production, leaky gut, liver, mood + energy
  • Impact of diet, inflammation, protein and carbohydrates on adrenal system + mood
  • Herbs, nutritional supplements, sleep hygiene + therapies for adrenal glands + mood
  • Releasing stressful emotional memory using counseling, Bach flowers and homeopathic remedies
  • Example treatments for stress, childhood trauma, binge eating, divorce, suicidal thoughts, bipolar and depression

Module 6

  • Brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) and symptoms of neurotransmitter imbalance
  • Linking adrenal, digestive and liver health to neurotransmitter imbalance
  • Naturopathic Treatments for specific neurotransmitter imbalances 

Module 7

  • SPECIFIC herbs and supplements that treat your digestive system, liver, adrenal glands and neurotransmitters
  • Food sources of nutritional supplements
  • Effects of Probiotics, glutamine, vitamins, omega/3/6, magnesium, zinc, GABA, 5HTP, Melatonin, Tryptophan, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine, Inositol, phosphatidylserine, and SAM-E  

Module 8

  • Homeopathy & Bach Flowers for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma
  • Using homeopathic remedies to treat emotional stress from the past 
  • Differentiating the different homeopathic remedies used in anxiety and depression based on unique symptoms a person has
  • Bach flower remedies for stress, trauma, anxiety and depression
  • Combining homeopathy with nutritional supplements for long term wellness 
  • WORKSHEET TO FIND: Your Top 5 Bach flower remedies to help you feel better

Module 9 

  • Drugs used in anxiety and depression, side effects, nutrient depletions and withdrawal symptoms.
  • Coming off pharmaceutical drugs in a safe manner
  • Understanding and managing withdrawal symptoms using naturopathic medicine

Module 10

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs, releasing negative emotions, emotional freedom technique, journaling, trauma resolution and other positive psychology / energy psychology techniques to help you gain more emotional resilience and overcome negative thoughts.

Over 10 years of Experience Combining Mind and Body Medicine 


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